ISIS Boss al-Baghdadi Killed in Airstrike Claims Syrian TV

al-Bagdhadi killed in airstrike

According to a Syrian news TV network, ISIS boss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed following an airstrike on Saturday. Until now, there is no other media outlet reporting the good news. The report claims that al-Baghdadi’s death followed a heavy airstrike on ISIS capital al-Raqqa on Saturday night.

The Syrian state TV network Al-Masdar reported that  Ibrahim Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who is the undisputed leader of ISIS and also its founder was  killed by the respective airstrike in Raqqa city. Even if the pundit’s death is not confirmed by secondary sources, there were numerous reports of heavy airstrikes on ISIS capital on Saturday night. Islamic State news agency Al-Amaq did not confirm  Ibrahim Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s alleged death and there are no images to validate Syrian State TV claim so far. Basically, we must take this news with a big grain of Himalayan salt for now.



Islamic State group’s war minister and second in command  Ayad al-Jumaili was also killed in April, as reported by Iraqi State TV.  Ayad al-Jumaili was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi deputy and he also croaked in an airstrike near Al-Qa’im, a small Iraqi town. ISIS bastion Raqqa was heavily attacked this weekend by United States led coalition forces which launched massive airstrikes into Friday-Saturday morning in support of Syrian groups fighting Islamic State jihadists massed in the bastion of Raqqa.