ISIS Car-Suicide Bomber Kills Over 100 Syrian Civilians Evacuating Aleppo

An ISIS suicide bomber killed scores of Syrians who were evacuating a couple of cities very close to Aleppo after more than 2 years of siege. At least 100 Syrian civilians were massacred as a bus depot near Aleppo was destroyed by a huge car bomb explosion.

The buses were evacuating Aleppo residents from a city that was besieged by terrorists (the so called rebels) for over 2 years. In what can be regarded as a catalyst for yet another American military intervention, a huge blast hit a convoy of buses that were evacuating civilians from Kefraya and Fuaa, which are very close to Aleppo.



The buses were carrying more than five thousand pro Assad civilians which have been stuck in a region close to Aleppo, waiting for clarifications with regard to a highly criticized population transfer deal between the terrorists fighting Assad’s regime and the Syrian government.

The deal also allowed for more than 2000 activists, residents and jihadis from areas besieged by Assad’s army to be evacuated in exchange for the 5000 civilians. However, Assad’s regime and the terrorist/rebels (oh the irony) failed to agree about the exact number of jihadis to be evacuated, hence the buses were left stuck.

The BBC reports that the so called “rebels” accused Damascus of breaching the terms of the deal that was brokered by Qatar and Iran by trying to bring out more fighters from Kefraya and Foah than previously agreed.

This is not the first time when the rebels (Al Qaeda sunni muslim jihadis mostly) broke the deal regarding mutual evacuations, as they did a similar thing in December when they burned coaches which were due to be sent into the besieged towns.