ISIS Claims It Beheaded a Russian Intelligence Officer

ISIS released a 12-minute Russian language video showing the beheading of a Russian officer

Moshe Ya'alon

Islamic State (IS) released a new video showing the beheading of a yet unidentified man it described as a Russian intelligence officer captured in Syria. The information has been reported by the U.S.-based SITE monitoring website.

Russian Defense Ministry denied that any Russian servicemen had been captured and killed in Syria.

The 12-minute long video showed the main dressed in black jump suit, kneeling in the desert and calling other Russian officers in Syria to surrender.

After a narrator remarked that the officer was an idiot for believing that his state would not abandon him, the prisoner was beheaded by a bearded man.

The authenticity of the video and the identity of the man are yet to be verified. It is also not clear where and when the killing had occurred.

There is still no response from the Russian government. According to the official data, around 30 Russian servicemen have lost their lives since the start of Russian military involvement in Syria.

Russia is currently backing the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against both ISIS and other Syrian rebels.

Source: Reuters

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