ISIS Claims Responsibility for Barcelona Attack

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the vehicle ramming attack in Barcelona that left 12 people dead and almost 80 injured.

The information was published by Amaq news agency. “The perpetrators of the attack in Barcelona are Islamic State soldiers and carried out the operation on command of Khilafah of targeting coalition countries”, the statement said.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for major terrorist attacks in Europe, including the 2015 Paris attacks, even if the attacks were carried out by so called ‘lone wolves’.

According to latest information, the death toll of the carnage in Las Ramblas Barcelona climbed to 12, with nearly 80 injured. The Spanish police arrested two people in connection with the van attack, while the local media reported that one of the perpetrators had been shot dead by the police.

Dozens of people were killed or injured when a white van crashed into a crowd on the popular tourist destination of La Rambla street in Barcelona. Witnesses reported that the van drove into pedestrians on the sidewalk, killing or injuring dozens.

Spanish media said that the attacker was identified as Driss Oukabir, of Moroccan origin with a Spanish passport.

“I heard a crowd screaming. It sounded like they were screaming for a movie star. I saw the van. It had already been busted on the front. It was weaving left and right, trying to hit people as fast as possible. There were people lying on the ground,” said one of the witnesses of the attack.

Other witnesses said that the van deliberately targeted people, as it drove down the street – one of the busiest in Barcelona. Cars have been used by terrorists in a series of attack in Europe, including the bloody attack in Nice, France, where a cargo truck drove into crowds of people, killing 86.

Photo Credit: EPA