ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Bridge Terrorist Attack, May Promises Change of Attitude

ISIS flag UK

As usual, the Islamic State claimed responsibility on Sunday for the London Bridge terrorist attack from Saturday night. In the aftermath of the attack, seven people were killed by the (unnamed so far) terrorists, 48  people were injured (21 of them are in critical condition) while 3 of the attackers were shot dead by security forces after they inflicted 8 minutes of sheer terror upon helpless British citizens (and policemen by the way).

The three terrorists wearing fake suicide vests cruised a very popular nightlife club near the London Bridge and killed 7 innocent bystanders, including women using hunting knives. Prior to that, they drove a white van into revelers on the London Bridge, hurting scores. This makes for the third Islamic terrorist attack on British soil in less than 3 months and comes just 5  days before a general election.

According to an ISIS affiliated news agency, Aamaq News respectively:

“A detachment of fighters from Islamic State carried out London attacks yesterday,”

The identities of the three dead attackers will be revealed as soon as possible, hinting at a bigger counter-terrorism operation being underway. While the UK security/intel forces are investigating the terrorist attack trying to determine whether the culprits acted alone or not, the police raided Barking (a very multicultural London suburb) earlier on Sunday, arresting 5 men and 7 women at two different locations.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said during a Sunday speech that it appears the latest terrorist attacks are not connected (except from the same ideological background?), even if all were claimed by the Islamic Sate, and that UK is facing a new trend (?) in terrorist attacks, i.e. the terrorists are copying each other (how does she know?) or something along these lines.

On the bright side of the news, May claimed that “enough is enough”, hinting at a radical change in policy in the near future, as there’s far too much tolerance of “extremism” (extremist rabbits?) in Great Britain.

I think we’ll just have to wait and see what’s behind the tough rhetoric, if anything, but if I were a Brit, I wouldn’t be very optimistic about it.