ISIS Jihadists Returning Home to Sweden Complain About Having Problems Getting Hired

ISIS europe

This is a real news story, not the Onion, which arrived to us courtesy of the  Swedish daily Expressen.The thing is, why countries like Sweden, UK or Denmark are allowing jihadists who fought for the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan (while receiving welfare money by the way from their European home countries) to return back to Europe is the real question here, but as you may already know, liberalism is a mental disorder.

According to the Swedish newspaper, which interviewed a significant number of Islamic terrorists upon their return to Sweden after fighting in the global jihad, these poor babies are having trouble getting a job, even if many of them changed their names in order to get back to the Western society in the most inconspicuous manner. However, courtesy of YouTube and their vanity, as many of them uploaded pictures and videos showing their heroic acts while fighting for the Global Caliphate/Islamic State on social media platforms, their faces are known everywhere. And yes, that presents a significant problem. Would you hire a rabid terrorists who joined ISIS in Syria or Libya to, I don’t know, take care of your children, protect your business or whatever?

These guys must be smoking Drano. I mean, check out the pictures they’ve uploaded on social media below. And now they’re complaining nobody wants to have anything to do with them. What planet are they living on, seriously?

Obviously, these nice people need a little help with their resumes, i.e. you don’t write “I was big terrorist for 3 years”, you say “I worked in the field of conflict management and issue resolution” and you don’t say “mounted cross-border raids”, you say “significant international experience”. And you wouldn’t say “collected armaments and moved them to the front-line”, you would say “managed industrial supply-chain and field logistics” and so on and so forth.