ISIS Plot to Blow Up Ports with Bombs on Fuel Tankers

navy divers

The latest terror threat from ISIS fanatics in the UK seems to come from oil tankers, and I am not kidding. According to UK intelligence services, the Islamic terrorists are planning now to plant explosives on UK bound oil tankers.

With this savage plan being a real possibility, the UK’s Elite Special Boat Service are now verifying ships entering UK ports in order to prevent a catastrophic terror event which may affect oil tankers bound for Kent and Wales.

UK’s Elite Special Boat Service is currently deploying its specially trained divers to check out ship hulls, looking for bombs. The news about ISIS’ latest plans was revealed by top UK spy agencies, whose operatives were tipped about the Islamic State planning to target the huge oil tankers coming from the Middle east carrying high explosive fuel.

According to the gathered intel, it is very probable that the Islamic State managed to procure limpet mines, which can be easily hooked up to an oil-tanker’s hull, or any other type of ship for that matter, according to sources speaking with the Daily Mail .

If detonated, such an explosive device attached to an oil tanker carrying millions of gallons of highly inflammable oil could provoke a devastating explosion which would be strong enough to eradicate an entire port. Royal Navy divers and Special Boat Service are now training for preventing such terrorist attacks.According to a Navy source, let me quote:

The threat against gas tankers emerged a couple years ago and we have been training to counter it ever since.The concern is that tankers could be sailed into UK waters and destroyed either with mines or improvised explosive devices [IEDs].
“It is entirely possible a major incident could result in fuel shortages in the UK and this would be disastrous economically.”

As a matter of fact, SBS’s elite team “Fleet Diving Unit 1” have been searching incoming ships for the last couple of years, so the threat seems to be  as real as it gets.

Photo Source ALAMY