ISIS tells Muslims to Avoid ‘gathering places of Crusaders’

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ISIS’ official news agency (yes, such an abomination really exists) now tells Muslims all around Western world to avoid the “gathering places of Crusaders” as the Islamic State fanatic soldiers are getting ready to run over people, explode and/or cut their (that would be you) necks at any time during the holy month of Ramadan.

Also, ISIS warned  that the latest Manchester bombing not three weeks ago was just a preview of what’s coming soon, mocking the benefit concert and promising more/bloodier attacks in the near future. ISIS sponsored/ruled/owned Rumiyah magazine, a terrorist-online publication claimed that the West’s efforts to show defiance against its jihadist soldiers have been a total failure, being actually encouraging to its followers, as in determining them to carry on with terrorist attacks on Crusader soil. To quote from the delightful ISIS magazine:

‘Just one week before the blessed month of Ramadan, the world’s attention was focused on the British city of Manchester. A soldier of the Khilafah had carried out a Just Terror operation, striking Manchester Arena at the conclusion of a concert by an American singer.’

The magazine promises surprise after surprise (as in Islamic terrorist attacks) in Europe, Canada and America while telling its followers to steer clear from the gathering places of the Crusaders. Again, that would be you.

People in Russia, America, Canada, France, UK, Australia and Belgium, basically all those outside the Caliphate should expect daily blessed attacks from jihadists.

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