ISIS Threatens Times Square

isis threatenes New York Christmas Market

ISIS just issued a Christmas threat on Times Square, a  terrorist attack of sorts featuring a Santa Claus with a case of explosives on his side, via a poster published on social media. So, now we must keep our eyes peeled for Santa Claus? Joke aside, an ISIS supporter used social media (read Facebook) to share with his “friends” (we’re talking about an ISIS sympathizing group here) a poster of Santa Claus overlooking Times Square.

In the left, you can admire a nice box of dynamite, as the poster depicts Santa carrying a bulky red sack, while pedestrians fill the streets of New York at nighttime. The text on the image reads: We meet at Christmas in New York.

This latest work of art follows ISIS propaganda posters making holiday threats toward Santa on London’s Regent Street, where a black clad Islamic terrorist stands over Santa and another one depicting a hand holding a bloody knife before a market in the close vicinity of the Eiffel Tower in France.

The logical question is why aren’t ISIS supporting groups/social media accounts deleted from social media? Moreover, the newly re-elected mayor de Blasio is doing a pretty good job of destroying NYC without any assistance from terrorists.

And as per ISIS’ threats, these are evil, sick and twisted small-minded losers. Absolutely nothing positive to offer the world. The lowest of the low.