ISIS Warns That Terrorist Cells Remain in Barcelona and Beyond

ISIS warns Europe

According to a pro ISIS news outlet, Wafa Media Foundation respectively, last week’s horrific attack in Barcelona, Spain was just the beginning, as Spain (and others nota bene) is still a target for the Islamic State, with terrorist cells remaining active in Barcelona. Last week’s Islamic terrorist attack which left 15 people dead and 130 injured as a truck was plowed on pedestrians on Las Ramblas was just a warm-up, or so it claims ISIS Wafa Media Foundation.

The same pro ISIS news agency warned Spanish disbelievers about an impending terrorist attack prior to last week’s massacre, i.e. these guys are well connected and they’re the real deal so to speak. Now, the Wafa Media Foundation is issuing a fresh warning, claiming that jihad is here to stay, but let’s quote exactly from the publication:

“Do not you know, O worshipers of the Cross, that the war has not been fought and gone, and that they live today in Barcelona,”

The latest terrorist attack in Barcelona was conducted by an ISIS cell which planned it for at least 6 months. The cell consisted of 12 men, who among other things hoarded a huge quantity of gas cans to be used in car-bomb attacks, but fortunately the cell was dismantled in the nick of time. Spain is still a target on ISIS’ terror map due to the country’s military involvement in Somalia, Iraq and the Kingdom of Bahrain, according to the Wafa Media Foundation’s manifesto.

What’s happening now in Spain is the result of erasing your history. The Spanish spent 770 years of struggle to free themselves from brutal oppressive Muslim rule. When Ferdinand finally completed the Reconquista, he ordered all Muslims to convert or leave. For over 400 years this was seen as the logical step to secure their victory. Now Europe’s leaders are ignorant of history and despise the Western civilization that people like Ferdinand made possible.

Photo Rex Features via AP Images