Islamic State Soldiers Surrender in Droves in Iraq

ISIS surrenders in Iraq

When almost a thousand “soiled” Islamic State (ISIS) soldiers are surrendering to Kurdish forces in Iraq, it really means the end of the world’s deadliest Islamic terrorist organization is near. The mass-surrender of ISIS fighters to Kurdish occurred after the Islamic State lost an important city-stronghold in Iraq.

And yes, the ISIS operatives were so scared, that they soiled themselves, and now they’re awaiting interrogation/debriefing by Kurdish authorities. Another thing to contemplate is that such a massive surrender is rather unusual for the Islamic State, whose soldiers are known for fighting fiercely to the last man. In many instances, on-the-verge-of-defeat ISIS operatives went full kamikaze, attacking the opposing forces with wave after wave of suicide-bombers.

According to the NYT piece, an ISIS fighter deplored the fact that the Islamic State Governor in Hawija gave the mass-surrender order, meaning that the end is near for the caliphate:

“I believe if the governors are telling us to surrender, it really means that this is the end,”

And yes, if their leaders are abandoning them, the speed at which ISIS soldiers gave up fighting and surrendered in mass comes as no surprise. Hawija is a well known (and the last) ISIS stronghold in Iraq, which fought for more than 3 years with the Iranian-backed Shiite militias, the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Iraqi Security Forces. However, the war against ISIS in Iraq is not over yet, as Iraqi soldiers already secured the towns of Anah, Rayhanah, and Akashat, and they are still conducting significant military ops in Western Anbar province.

ISIS is also getting smashed in Syria, where the majority of Raqqa (the ISIS capital in Syria) is now under the control of  U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, and most of its leadership have now relocate to the Euphrates valley, where they’ll probably make their last stand.

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