Israel Backs Hungary, Says Soros a Threat

george soros

Leftist billionaire and globalist extraordinaire George Soros made the headlines again, but this time via proxy, after Israel’s foreign ministry denounced Mr. Soros via an official statement, calling him basically an enemy of the state of Israel.

It definitely appears that Israel’s diplomatic relations with Hungary are getting better by the day, as Soros’ repudiation by Israel comes just a week ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Budapest. George Soros, who has all his fingers and toes in all the leftist pies in the world has been repeatedly denounced by Hungary’s right wing Prime Minister over his funding to various NGOs which advocate open borders and unvetted immigration to Europe.

Being a Hungarian-Jew himself, George Soros has spent a big chunk of his money funding dubious NGOs and radical left groups like Black Lives Matter, together with pro human rights/pro democracy groups, but there’s a very thin red line between a so-called pro human rights group, which sounds very nice and dandy in theory, and reality, i.e. Soros funds tens or even hundreds of NGOs which are continually undermining democratic elected governments (read Arab Spring, Ukraine’s Maidan, etc).

According to various theories embraced by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Mr. Soros has spent a lot of money (and years of his seemingly unending life) working to destabilize the West by promoting open borders/broad immigration policies. Also, Soros is known for funding almost every left-wing cause, especially if there’s a potential for violent action.

After Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban launched an anti Soros campaign in his home country, the Israeli ambassador to Hungary issued an official statement denouncing the respective campaign, hinting at anti antisemitism and the whole nine yards (he even mentioned the holocaust). However,in a matter of hours, Israel’s foreign ministry issued a “clarification”, saying that Mr. George Soros had it coming, as he is a legitimate target for criticism, because the pundit is also working against the Jewish state:

In no way was the statement meant to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments by funding organizations that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.

However, considering that Soros is a Nazi collaborator by his own account, his ties with Mossad are pretty obvious. If the Israelis had a true problem with Soros, their Nazi hunters would have killed him decades ago. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors for the sleeping masses.