Israel Tells Illegal African Immigrants to Accept a Free Ticket Home Or Go to Jail

Israel Tells Illegal African Immigrants to Accept a Free Ticket Home Or Go to Prison

In yet another example of common sense politics and confirming once again that we have what to learn from our main ally in the Middle East, Israel announced that illegal African migrants living in the country are going to be “awarded” $3500 each plus a complementary airline ticket (as in free of charge) to return to their country of origin. Otherwise, the illegal Africans (most of them from Sudan, Eritrea, Uganda and Rwanda) living in Israel would face jail-time and probably deportation afterwards. The deadline for accepting the offer is the spring of 2018.

According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the mass migration from African third world countries is disruptive to Israel’s social cohesion and culture. We hope that our dear Western leaders are paying attention to Bibi’s wise words, not to mention his actions.

According to the Guardian, the details of Israel plan’s to mitigate the illegal immigration issue were outlined by  Arye Deri, the country’s interior minister. Basically, illegal immigrants are now facing two options only: sitting in prison or voluntary deportation. There’s also an incentive for illegals to leave Israel as soon as possible;according to Reuters:

“Beyond the end of March, those who leave voluntarily will receive a significantly smaller payment that will shrink even more with time, and enforcement measures will begin,”

The illegal African migrants problem dates prior to Israel erecting a border wall/fence of sorts across its border with Egypt, as approximately 60,000 African migrants from third world countries like Eritrea and Sudan managed to cross the desert frontier and settled in the Tel Aviv area. Israel treats them all as economic migrants, even if many of the illegals claim to have fled persecution and violence. Also, Israel granted asylum to less than one percent of those who have applied. The United States, much like Israel, cannot take in everyone. We can be and should be generous to refugees, but help them at their home. Illegal aliens should not have their children born here become automatic citizens.