Israel Warns Iran

israel warns iran

After carrying major air-strikes in Syria on Saturday, against both Syrian and Iranian military targets (UAV command and control bases among others), Israel warned Iran on Sunday about its presence in Syria. By the way, Israel admitted for the first time in 7 years of Syrian civil war of attacking(intentionally) Iranian targets on Syrian territory.

Israel’s air-raids in Syria occurred after one of their F16 jet fighters was downed by Syria’s air defense, using an outdated Russian-made S-200 SAM system. The pilots survived, yet yesterday’s event marked Israel’s first downed military plane since 1982. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has said on Sunday:

“We inflicted on Saturday a heavy blow to Iranian and Syrian forces. We made clear to everyone that our rules of engagement will not change in any way. We will continue to harm anyone who tries to harm us. This was our policy and this will remain our policy.”

Various Israeli ministers also spoke about their refusal to allow Iran to dig their heels (military speaking) in Syria, as the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said repeatedly in the past. Since the war against ISIS was basically won and Syria’s President Assad is regaining control over large swaths of the country, Syria has become more aggressive with regard to stopping Israeli airstrikes inside Syrian territory, while Israel wants to keep its ability to do whatever they like in Syria, whenever they see fit, especially when it comes to stopping weapons deliveries to Hezbollah, a Lebanese-Shiite group, which Israel and the US regard as a terrorist organization. Hezbollah, together with Iran and Russia are supporting Syrian President Assad, and all played a major role in defeating ISIS in Syria.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi was quoted as saying about Saturday’s escalation:

“Iran does not have a military presence in Syria, and has only sent military advisers at the request of the Syrian government.”

Bottom line, there is ample evidence the payoff that Barack Obama gave to the Iranians went straight to fund various terrorists factions in the Middle East, Hezbollah included. Obama’s anti-American and anti-Western stance enabled the expansion of ISIS into Syria,Libya and Iraq, along with the intrusion of the Iranians and their proxies. Not to be undone, Obama also weaponized the IRS, FBI, DOJ, and other government agencies against his opponents and the American people. And almost no one is talking about it.

The truth is, Israel has been directly staying out of the Syrian crisis, but indirectly has been funding/helping ISIS/Al Qaeda against the Assad regime. When are conservatives going to understand that Assad is the good guy in that mess, the guy who is fighting ISIS militants and trying to preserve the Christian community (think along the lines of Libya/Qaddafi)?