Italy Begs for Help, Threatens to Close Ports Following Massive African Migrant Invasion

italy migrant crisis

Italy is currently in what some commentators describe as a state of collapse, as the country is completely overwhelmed by a huge wave of African migrants. In the last couple of years, over half million (mostly) African migrants entered Italy, with over 13,500 African migrants/asylum seekers(improperly called refugees by the mainstream media)-which in reality are welfare shoppers seeking safe haven  in Italy-in just a matter of days last week.

There’s an unabated exodus taking place for almost 2 years now from Libya to Italy’s coast and there’s absolutely nothing being done by the Italian government nor the European Union in order to stop it once and for all. Italy seems to be condemned to repeat Germany or  Sweden’s sour experience unless it finds a rapid solution to its NGO sponsored migrant invasion problem.

The Islamic State also boasted to use the Libyan route to flood Italy and Europe with jihadists. Only 2% of the asylum seekers entering Italy by sea are from Syria and over half of them completely disappear upon entering the country, i.e. the Italian authorities have no idea where (or who) they are.

The crisis has worsened gradually and now the hijrah is taking its toll on Italy, which now openly declares the situation is out of control:

Italy says that it is unable to cope with this year’s expected flood of refugees, and is demanding help from the European Union, or else it will close all its ports to ships carrying migrants

Antonio Tajani, who presides over the European Parliament was quoted as saying about the Italy situation:

A cry of alarm has come from Italy, an SOS…we can’t leave it on its own. After the closure of the Balkan route, it is indispensable to also close the central Mediterranean one. We can’t have any more delays in solving the problem.

However, another EU bureaucrat, Mattia Toaldo respectively, who is a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations (a globalist institution par excellence) has said that it would be illegal for Italy to stop foreign NGO boats carrying illegal migrants via  Libya from docking its ports.

Regardless, Italy should follow the example of Poland and Hungary, whose politicians firmly rejected migrant quotas and chose to protect their own citizens from jihad attacks and criminality, not to mention the looming economic suicide, considering the huge stress mass immigration puts on social systems.