Italy Threatens EU to Give Visas to 200,000 Migrants and Send Them North

italy migrant crisis

A new wave of migrants from Africa and the Middle East spilling over northern EU countries may be in the works right now, as a fed up Italy threatened the European Union with the nuclear option. Approximately 2 weeks after Austria deployed armored vehicles and troops at its border with Italy whilst reinstating border controls in certain areas citing concerns that its neighbor will not be able to handle the tens of thousands of refugees and migrants who have entered via the Mediterranean (courtesy of NGO’s) corridor in recent months, the Italian government warned the EU to retaliate by giving visas to 200,000 migrants thus allowing them to travel north, to Germany, Austria, Sweden or UK in their welfare shopping endeavor, which is the reason they’ve actually came in Europe in the first place.

This move marks a breaking point in the escalation of tensions between Italy and Austria, and signals an imminent (and brand new) migrant crisis. Also, Italy’s issuance of temporary visas for 200,000 of illegal migrants signals the country is desperate and ready to do almost anything in its efforts to resolve its refugee/migrant crisis. Italy is playing a stupid and dangerous game: instead of stopping the human trafficking over the Mediterranean sea by using its navy while it still had the chance, the country’s prime minister Gentiloni is now asking for the rest of Europe to accept its so-called fair-share of migrants. Finally, Italy promised to close its ports to NGO rescue-ships bringing thousands of so-called refugees crossing from Libya, but that’s too little too late.

If Italy goes for the nuclear option (flooding the EU with migrants that is) instead of stopping the flow of illegals in its tracks and starting deporting non-refugees back to their countries of origin, the Schengen treaty which allowed EU citizens to travel freely across Europe will be in mortal danger. The move will also alienate France together with Austria. France too started using armored vehicles and dogs whilst trying to push back migrants entering the country via Italy’s northern border.

The next couple of months will be very interesting for the future of Europe, as it appears the Eastern European bloc will pass on migrant quotas for sure and now there are animosities between EU’s largest members, i.e. Germany, France and Italy. Stay tuned.

viaThe Times