It’s A Bad Day When You Have To Deny Worshiping Satan. Chelsea Clinton Just Had To Do That

chelsea clinton satan worshiper

Chelsea Clinton had some explaining to do on Wednesday, after she allegedly made a mistake on Twitter on Tuesday night, when the former first daughter wished a Happy New Year to a famous satanic organization. Here’s the hilarious exchange:

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Now, the Church of Satan handle (blue-ribbon verified by the way) is pretty obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, hence Chelsea’s vehement denial that she’s not worshiping Satan is not very plausible (just kidding):

It’s okay, we all believe you sweetie.

Now, just imagine President Trump wishing a Happy New Year on Twitter to a highly controversial person (think along the lines of David Duke). The mainstream media would have gone bonkers. From now on, I hope to see the following: “Alleged Satan worshiper Chelsea Clinton.” Since Roy Moore could never shake the “alleged” from his name, nor should Chelsea.

Back in 1944 when our troops entered Germany, it was impossible to find any Nazis. Today when the Democrat Party supports policies endorsed by the American Communist Party, they deny they are communists. Chelsea Clinton has finally come home. I always knew where the Clintons’ true loyalties lay. But you will never find a Satanist among the Democrats, except for Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book (Rules for Radicals, the bible of the fashionable Leftist) to Lucifer. By the way, Alinsky was Hilary Rodham mentor in her 1969 Wesleyan thesis: There is only the fight: An analysis of the Alinsky model.