It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Blames Putin for Election Loss

Hillary Clinton stated that the Russian President has a ‘grudge’ against her and blamed him for her election defeat

Hillary Clinton can’t handle failure, and her recent statements are a good indicator that she is ready to blame everybody else for her shortcomings. From FBI director James Comey, to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the omnipresent Russian hackers.

Instead of focusing on the reasons of her failure to appeal to the voters, despite the unprecedented amount of money invested in her campaign as well as the intense mainstream media support she received, Clinton has chosen to continue with accusations against Russia and Putin.

Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people, and that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election.

Clinton told to the New York Times, known for its open pro-Clinton stance and frequent attacks on Trump and his alleged links with the Russians.

He is determined to score a point against me which he did. But also undermine our democracy.

Clinton said that Putin has a ‘grudge’ against her and that he was personally involved in hacking the US election.

Despite the allegations, there is still no evidence of Russian involvement in US election process.

This is not the first time Clinton has accused Russia and Putin of meddling in US election. The Democrats have consistently painted Trump as ‘Putin’s favorite’, but failed to provide any sort of convincing evidence to support their claims.

During the already famous election debate, Clinton said that Putin would ‘Rather have a puppet as president of the United States‘, replying to Trump’s statement that the Russian President is a better leader than Barack Obama.

In the weeks following her election defeat, Clinton and her supporters have shown that they are unwilling to take full responsibility for their actions.

It is also apparent that Hillary Clinton has still not answered many questions regarding her serious corruption scandals, and that she still owes the US public an explanation about her actions in Lybia that resulted in the death of the US ambassador and several US citizens during the 2012 Benghazi attack.

But it seems that Clinton still enjoys much support among the US political establishment, disgruntled with Donald Trump’s election victory, and that this support is protecting Hillary from facing the consequences of her actions.

Under the weight of her scandals, Clinton is using the allegations of Russian involvement to deflect from the real issue of corruption in the ranks of the Democratic Party and the US establishment in general. While the mainstream media continues ranting about the Russian hackers, Clinton’s corruption scandals remain unanswered.

Contrary to what he said during the campaign, Donald Trump has apparently dropped his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

There’s no doubt that many of Trump’s voters, embittered by the corruption of the Clinton clan, will not look favorably upon his failure to deliver his promise.

Source: CBS News


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