It’s Official: The Democrats Paid More Than $1,000,000 for the Trump ‘Pissgate’ Dossier

trump pissgate dossier

According to Fusion GPS’s own admission on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid a little more than one million bucks for that salacious and fake Trump Dossier, also known as the Golden Shower/PissGate dossier.

Fusion GPS is the opposition-research firm that was hired by Democrats to put together the salacious file on the Donald. The Washington DC based company founded by 3 former Wall Street journalists made the financial disclosures about the Trump Dossier last week, as per a Reuters report.

Fusion GPS received $1.02 million from Democrats for the respective job, of which $168,000 went straight to the “author” of the oppo-research (Christopher Steele), for his strenuous work on the 35 page dossier. The Pissgate file is a work of fiction filled with salacious allegations of collusion between the Russian government and then-candidate Trump. The kicker is that the FBI used this dossier as part of the investigation into the Russia interference in the 2016 election cycle.

The Democrats made the payments to Fusion GPS for their opposition research work through a law firm that represents the Clintons and the DNC, Perkins Coie respectively. The bagman for the project was Marc Elias, a Perkins Coie partner and long-time Clinton attorney.

Where is Robert S. Mueller, the guy everyone said was impeccable and could be trusted?

We now have the entire Russian Collusion deal sitting in the laps of the DNC and Hillary Clinton, including the payout of just over one million dollars for the discredited Russian dossier being used against President Donald Trump, and Robert S. Mueller is nowhere to be found.

His entire investigation was supposed to be about Russian collusion and now that all the evidence is out and proves the DNC and Hillary Clinton were the perpetrators, Robert S. Mueller can’t be bothered because he is still chasing ghosts trying to find anything to try and get President Donald Trump.

Robert S. Mueller has no integrity.

Jeff Sessions, un-recuse yourself and do your frigging job already. The only hero in this story is that dude Christopher Steele, who can boast he got $168,000 for something he lifted from 4chan.


When this is all over, after squandering a billion dollars, Mueller may victimize a few people like Papadopoulous, or like Manafort who bungled his financial reporting. But appellate courts will end up throwing charges out on the basis of malicious entrapment.