“It’s OK to be German” Flyers Pop Up Across the Country

it's okay to be german

Major cities all across Germany woke up to signs reading “It’s OK to be German” popping up all over the place. This seems to be a campaign that plays on Germans’ fears over the dramatic demographic changes brought upon them by Angela Merkel’s suicidal open borders policy. Another issue is that Germany’s birth rates are going down fast, as opposed to the immigrants’, which have 4-5 kids on average.

Over one million Muslims entered Germany in the last couple of years (nobody knows the exact figure), and considering the fact that many of those receiving residence/asylum are allowed to bring their families to Germany, the real demographic impact of open-borders and “immigrants are welcome here” will be known in the next 5 years or so. Now, flyers reading “Es Ist in Ordnung Deutscher Zu Sein” (it’s ok to be German) were spotted and photographed near the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

There’s even a banner reading “Es Ist in Ordnung Deutscher Zu Sein” next to a Kekistani flag. Kekistan is a fictional country invented by 4chan /pol/ online message-board operatives. Moreover, this “it’s ok to be German” thing is very similar to 4chan’s campaign about “it’s okay to be White”, which saw banners and posters plastered all across America’s college campuses and also in Canada. However, it’s not very clear if the “Es Ist in Ordnung Deutscher Zu Sein” pysop is also owned by 4chan.

The flyers read on top Reconquista Germanica, which is a self described patriotic group. Obviously, German authorities and the mainstream media are labeling it as an extremist/far right organization, just because they want to have a country and to preserve German culture.