Jared Kushner’s Lawyer Drops Him Over Russia Probe

jared kushner laywer

Jamie Gorelick, a top lawyer for the POTUS’ son in law Jared Kushner announced on Friday she will no longer represent him on Russia collusion/probe charges and/or any other Russia related inquiries, as she will focus on what she was initially hired to do, i.e. ethics compliance and similar disclosures.

According to a report via Yahoo News, Bill Clinton Administration’s former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick turned all the responsibilities regarding the Russia probe to a Washington based criminal defense attorney, Abbe Lowell respectively. While Gorelick will focus on Kushner’s ethic compliance cases, Lowell will exclusively represent Donald Trump’s son in law in inquiries from FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller and various other congressional committees.

Gorelick was savaged by her associates and long time friends alike for her”collusion” (pun intended) with Donald Trump’s son in law, as Jamie is a prominent beltway DEM. Jamie Gorelick steep departure comes after Kushner’s undisclosed meetings with political operatives/lawyers/whomever claimed to have Russian ties surfaced, forcing him to amend his security clearance application for a number of times.

Gorelick was/is a Clinton crony and responsible for the infamous “wall” which prevented LEAs and IAs from cooperating/sharing info in investigations. Not reassuring to see Trump’s family with ties to the likes of Gorelick, the swamp gets deeper and deeper. Honestly, I’m not sure why Co-President Jared didn’t just hire Eric Holder? Seriously, or maybe Loretta Lynch or some other prominent Democrat he socializes with….disgusting.

Now THAT is a straight-up conflict of interest:  current FBI Special Counsel Bob Mueller practiced at Gorelick’s firm, Wilmer Hale.  And Mueller is investigating anything ‘RussiaGate’. Now we also know his legal firm was and IS the representative of Kushner. Several of the lawyers Mueller chose for the corrupt ‘team’ are from the same firm. ‘Gorelick served as Deputy Attorney General during the Clinton administration.’ Mueller stated he needed to see the emails that went between Kushner and the Russian blackmailer.

How many more ‘close relationships’ are going to surface BEFORE the Special Counsel is dissolved??? Yeah, there’s no political bias there ,none at all,nope, nothing to see here, move along comrades. By the way, the American people did NOT elect Kushner or Ivanka. Their agenda is NOT Trump’s agenda. Both need to immediately step out of the spotlight.