Jeff Sessions In!

The US Senate confirmed Senator Jeff Sessions on Wednesday to be attorney general  in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Despite a fierce struggle by the Democratic opposition to the Alabama Republican, Jeff Sessions was confirmed in a 52 vs 47 vote that went pretty much along party lines.

A vicious debate took place in the Senate prior to voting, with Democrats fiercely opposing Jeff Sessions, mostly over his unholy record on immigration.

The fact that Jeff Sessions was an early supporter of President Trump did not help much with winning the hearts and minds of Democrats either.

Sessions is one of the most conservative lawmakers in the US Senate and after the vote result was announced, while his REP colleagues applauded him in droves, only a small number of sore losers (DEMs) did the same, showing once again that fair play is not a big virtue of the left.

In his post vote speech, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions wished for more collegiality while alluding the bitter partisanship, saying that:

Denigrating people who disagree with us, I think, is not a healthy trend for our body

Jeff Session was accused by Democrats of being too cozy with President Trump and too tough on immigrants.

The DEMs also claimed that he will not do “enough” to protect gays, the voting rights of minorities and the legal right of women to abort their children; on short, Jeff Sessions is not a die-hard progressive liberal and that’s basically a blasphemy in 2017’s America.

The hero of the day was the only Democrat who dared to broke the party ranks and backed Jeff Sessions, Senator Joe Manchin respectively. Independent Senators including so called maverick Bernie Sanders voted in opposition to Sessions, just like DEMs.

It’s worth noticing that Democrat’s tactics of smearing Jeff Sessions reached new lows on Wednesday, as they treated him like a racist and a terrible person using fiery words, despite the fact that the Republican Senator is well liked personally by a number of Democrats.

Source: Associated Press