Jim Jordan Draws The Line: Gun Control Bill Is A ‘No Go’ UNLESS It Includes Key Clause For GOP

Jim Jordan Draws The Line Gun Control Bill Is A 'No Go' UNLESS It Includes Key Clause For GOP

 According to a piece in Politico, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan has said there’s no way legislation on expanding federal background checks for gun purchases would pass through the House if the respective bill does not include provisions guaranteeing concealed carry reciprocity. The concealed carry reciprocity thing allows gun owners to carry concealed in other states besides their home-state, where the respective practice is allowed by law. The House already passed legislation regarding concealed carry reciprocity back in December 2017. The bill is now awaiting the Senate vote, and it has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

Jim Jordan was quoted as saying about the current version of the bill that’s being pushed/sponsored in the Senate by John Coryn that  “would allow bureaucrats and administrators to take away an individual’s Second Amendment liberties, and something that fundamental you’ve got to have a court make that decision to give due process to American citizens.”

The John Coryn bill is claimed to be supported by President Trump and is expected to pass through Senate.

Gun control is about a political agenda and has nothing to do with protecting kids.
If a gunman shows up at at my daughter’s school, who should I trust to defend her: a responsible adult with a gun or liberal waiving a law book?

I hate bump stocks and would never own one, and very much want national reciprocity, so part of me agrees with this deal; but then I remember that liberals will not be happy with anything less than national confiscation, and I don’t want to give them an inch.

However, since we “must do something”, reciprocity is the perfect thing to do. It might not stop the next shooting, but like the leftists keep whining, it doesn’t matter, you have do something anyway. Seriously speaking now, the left claims that GUNS are the problem? If they were, no one would come out of a gun show alive. The  real culprit here is the failure of various police/FBI and mental health ‘experts’, who (should I say deliberately?) allowed this atrocity to happen by failing to follow up on the many, many clear warnings they had.

As I am writing this, a man who attacked people in a mall with a knife is being sentenced. Should we ban all knives? Also, why didn’t President Obama take care of this (and the many other issues the left is attacking President Trump about) when he owned all three branches of government? Funny how the left conveniently forgets about the deliberate failures of the previous administration – does every single liberal in the country have this same selective memory?

Obama could have banned guns, given citizenship to millions of illegal criminals – but (1) he knew the voters wouldn’t allow a single DEM to win another election in the next 100 years if he did either of those things and (2) he and the DEMs want these issues to go unsolved, so they can be used as election issues, i.e. using dead children to make political points, that’s the DEM way.

Guns play the EXACT same role in shootings that cameras do in child pornography; only the special kind of stupid that permeates the Democrat party can’t grasp this simple fact.