Jobs Trump Expectations: 2.2 Million New Jobs Since Election

Hispanic unemployment rate drops to 4.7% – LOWEST in history of USA

trump brings jobs back

Speaking of making America great again, President Trump has all the reasons in the world to be happy: nonfarm payrolls for November grew by 228,000,beating all expectations , while the unemployment rate held ground at 4.1%. While wage growth was relatively disappointing, with hourly earnings growing by only 2.5% annualized, according to a Friday report via the Labor Department, U.S. economy continues to hum along.

The most jobs gains in November came in professional and business services, manufacturing and healthcare. With more Americans working than ever, unemployment is at a 17 year low and 2.2 million jobs have been created since President Trump was elected. Moreover:

As Business Insider puts it, job reports literally crushed expectations , even if wage growth was slower than expected. Weak wage growth can be regarded as an indicator that a large number of Americans either are looking for a full time job and can’t find one (only part time jobs), or they’re still not looking for jobs, as the labor force participation rate stands at 62,7 percent since October.

I think the true test of “Trump’s Economy” will come next year, because the quantitative easing (helicopter money that kept markets alive and too big to fail banks on life support) strategy that started in 2008 under then President Obama has now officially ended. If we maintain the momentum, then it is an undeniable victory for Trump. But now the FED is keeping raising interest rates, so we’re not out of the woods yet.