Judge Blocks Trump’s Second Try at Travel Ban

A Hawaii Federal Judge blocked President Trump’s travel ban on Wednesday, making for the latest legal setback with regard to the new administration’s efforts to bar the influx of immigrants and refugees from pouring into the United States, as per Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

The second travel ban was blocked by a Barack Obama Federal Judge appointee who received his law degree in 1991 from Harvard. Judge Derrick Kahala Watson is currently the only Hawaiian native judge to serve on a Federal bench and the 4th in US History.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Judge Derrick’s 43 pages long decision of blocking President Trump’s revised travel ban was released shortly after the hearing ended on Wednesday, i.e. in less than 2 hours.

The new ruling prevents the travel ban executive order from going into effect starting from Thursday. Hawaii claimed that President Trump’s revised executive order discriminates on the basis of nationality and the state’s residents will not be able to receive visits from their relatives living in the 6 banned countries.

The state claimed that the travel ban is harming Hawaii’s tourism industry and also its ability to recruit foreign workers and students.

The news was well received by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who applauded the fantastic news and said that he’s very excited to see that blocking the President’s efforts to temporarily restrict immigration in the US are a team effort with multiple lawsuits in multiple states.

Bob Ferguson got word of the news while attending a Seattle federal court hearing also aimed at blocking President Trump’s travel ban.

It is very probable that this time, the White House will appeal the Honolulu judge ruling at the US Supreme Court. So far, there was no tweet from The Donald in response to the block of his immigration order. Stay tuned.

Source: AP

Photo: AFP