Judge Release​s​ 19 Year Old Charged in Torture of Disabled White Teen

The Chicago woman, a 19 year old who live streamed on Facebook the kidnapping and horrendous torture of a mentally challenged (he had the mind of a 4 year old) Trump supporter was sentenced to just 200 hours of community service, whatever that means in Chicago, plus 4 years of probation. Brittany Herring Covington basically dodged the bullet, as she was accused of aggravated battery, hate crime and aggravated kidnapping. All these counts would have landed her in prison for 33 years, but a number of charges were dropped by the DA as part of her plea agreement.

If you’re not familiar with the story, 4 black adults uploaded a video on Facebook depicting them torturing a mentally challenged white teenager, who was degraded for 2 days (basically kidnapped) as he was stabbed and beaten, gagged with a sock, while the kidnappers shouted racial slurs at him while issuing death threats. The 19 year old Brittany Covington pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, hate crime and intimidation.

However, she was only sentenced to 200 hours of community service (no jail-time) by Judge William Hooks, Cook County Circuit Judge, who happens to be a black Muslim. The other three torturers, Jordan Hill, Tanishia Covington (24 year old) and Tesfaye Cooper await trial.

Basically, Judge William Hooks let Brittany go with a slap on the wrist, telling her she could’ve landed in jail for a long time, yet:

I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better. Do not mess this up.

Jail is about punishment. Nobody comes out “any better”.

Compare that case to this one and you know our justice system has been infiltrated:

Michael Wolfe, a 37 year old “vandal” was sentenced to fifteen years (15 years, you got that right) for breaking into a mosque in Florida and leaving bacon at the front door. A victimless crime by any definition, which landed this guy in jail for a long period of time.

Exactly for bacon and a few broken windows. He didn’t kill or injured no one, yet he’s now serving 15 years on a hate crime conviction. Now, if you ask me, what we’re dealing with here is 2 outrageous miscarriages of justice. One ridiculously lenient and the other beyond harsh. Had the races been reversed, the woman would be getting at least 20-30 years in prison and the judge would not have had an issue throwing the book at her. Disgusting!

I’m afraid that unless white people start banding together and having a similarly strong willed reaction to these things, (hopefully in a more effective way that will actually solve the problem), kidnapping, torturing and murdering of white people by minorities will grow increasingly hard to prosecute in the future, and over time will effectively result in the de-facto legalization of murder, kidnapping and other violence against white people by privileged minority groups. This appears to already be starting in the cities, but it will only spread unless something changes. It only takes one on a jury to let a murderer walk free.

I think this problem will be one of the catalysts in the future that will forcibly wake people up to the fact that multiculturalism simply doesn’t work. As Americans and Europeans come to terms with the fact that, with increasing regularity, minorities are getting away with murder and other, often videotaped or live-streamed, violence against white people, including their children, many will be compelled to realize that one nation is simply not compatible with multiculturalism. No political system has ever been invented that would accommodate multiculturalism, other than the current nation-state model which mostly prevented these problems in the past. In good, old-fashioned nation states with relatively homologous populations, a jury of your peers generally doesn’t include people who think innocent victims deserved to be victimized because of their skin color.


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