Kate Steinle Killer Will Not Serve a Day in Jail, Sentenced to Time Already Served

Kate Steinle Killer Will Not Serve a Day in Jail

If you’re not familiar with Kate Steinle’s murder by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city (San Francisco), an illegal alien previously deported a number of times from the US, read this piece: And Justice for All: Vandal Gets 15 Years for Placing Bacon in Mosque, Killer Gets Three Years for Murder. 

Today we learned that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal alien who discharged a pistol and murdered 32 year old Kate Steinle will not serve a day in prison for his deed. After getting acquitted of murder charges, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was sentenced to 3 years in state prison on a weapons’ charge (felony possession of a firearm), but since he was incarcerated since he got arrested on July 1 2015, he won’t be spending any more time in jail, as he was credited for time already served.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate will be on state parole for 4 years and is set to be transferred to federal custody, as he’s now facing new charges (federal weapons charges) after he got indicted on December 5. Kate Steinle’s murder sparked a nation-wide debate over sanctuary jurisdictions, after the American public learned that San Francisco’s law enforcement had released Zarate, whilst completely ignoring an outstanding detention request by ICE. At the time, candidate Trump pointed to the shooting as a tragic consequence of sanctuary cities (San Francisco is a sanctuary city) refusing to enforce federal immigration laws, i.e. their refusal to cooperate with ICE/immigration authorities. As per a Fox News report,  Garcia Zarate is facing 10 years in jail on the new federal weapons charge.

Even if the jury believed the defense argument that the gun discharged accidentally, he still should have been convicted of manslaughter. Handling an unknown gun in public with other people around without knowing what you’re doing, in such a way that it discharges, is such a reckless act done with callous disregard for the safety of the people in the vicinity.