Kim Dotcom Warning: Trump is in Danger

Kim Dotcom is the mastermind behind the now defunct Megaupload file hosting service and also an iconic figure on the internet, being well known for his close relations with Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Born Kim Schmitz, Kim Dotcom warned President Donald Trump that he’s in danger on Wednesday in a series of tweets.

Just as a quick recap, Kim Dotcom became famous for saying during a 2016 interview with Bloomberg that WikiLeaks and Julian  Assange will soon become Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.

A month later his prophetic words came to pass as WikiLeas began their John Podesta data dump consisting of thousands of emails from his personal account. The revelations contained inside the leaked emails hit Hillary’s campaign hard, and according to many it contributed decisively to Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

After WikiLeaks released the Vault 7 CIA files data dump, starting a new chapter in Donald Trump’s war with the deep state, Kim Dotcom warned the president that he’s in danger.

Kim said that the White House leaks are originating from a group of rogue elements composed of Obama loyalists from within the Central Intelligence Agency looking to stop Donald Trump’s presidency at any costs.

The rogue CIA elements used cyber-warfare tools, the ones revealed in the Vault 7 presumably, for concocting the fake Russia narrative and to spy on the president.

When he was asked by a follower what Donald Trump should do to counter the traitors from within the intel agencies, Kim said that he should fire Comey (who just bragged that we’re stuck with him for the next 6 and a half years by the way) and appoint new leadership to the FBI and afterwards, the President should get FBI agents from outside Washington DC (implying there’s deep corruption in the system) for investigating both the NSA and the CIA for all their unlawful behavior.

One domino falls, the rest will follow and it’s going to be game over, and that’s exactly what I suggested in a previous article.







Photo Source: The Atlantic