Kim Fires Yet Another Ballistic Missile!

norht korea missile launch

In what seems to become a weekend tradition for that crazy fat kid’s regime, the Pyongyang just test-fired another “unidentified” ballistic missile on Monday morning. This happens exactly one week after North Korea’s latest missile launch from last Sunday and precisely 2 weeks after a similar ballistic missile launch.

According to a South Korean news agency,  Yonhap News respectively, the country’s military detected a North Korean unidentified ballistic missile test on Monday, which flew for six miles after its launching, prior to landing in the Sea of  Japan. This would make for the twelfth missile launched this year by North Korea’s military, depending on how one counts launching errors.

As tensions rise in the region and the US deploys its third aircraft carrier strike group in the Korean Peninsula, the Pyongyang rogue communist regime continues with its streak of ballistic missile testing. The US and its allies describe North Korea’s ballistic missile program as highly provocative.

The latest ballistic missile test was reported immediately to South Korea’s President President Moon Jae-in who called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council at at 7:30 a.m. (2230 GMT Sunday). While South Korean officials will protest North Korea’s actions via diplomatic channels, there’s still no word from the White House with regard to the latest developments in the region.

President Trump, who is known for his “all option on the table” stance with regard to North Korea’s rogue regime is currently trying to deal with that crazy fat kid by using China as leverage. China is North Korea’s neighbor and its only ally, but it seems that nothing can stop Kim Jong Un from developing his weapon programs. All economic sanctions failed so far and according to various reports, Pakistan is helping North Korea with their nuclear program.