Kim Jong-Un EMP Surprise? NKorea Satellites Orbit USA

north korea EMP

According to a Congressional expert, that crazy fat kid from North Korea is ready and willing to use an EMP weapon against the United States provided SHTF and we try regime change. The thing is, while the international community is obsessing on the NKorean regime’s nuclear program, ancient artillery pieces and failed missile tests, one expert warned the world on Sunday that the Pyongyang may be secretly developing a super space weapon of sorts, one which can send significant parts of the US into the middle ages with just a click of a switch.

The EMP/electromagnetic pulse weapons are some of the most dangerous and crippling weapons we know of currently and according to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who is the chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, the rogue North Korean regime may already be in possession of such gear.

During a radio interview which can be accessed by clicking here, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry disclosed the fact that there are at least two North Korean satellites currently orbiting the United States. Analyzing their trajectories, Dr. Pry claims that the respective satellites are optimized/built and designed for delivering a crippling EMP attack on US mainland.

There are 2 types of EMP weapons: non nuclear and nuclear. Non nuclear EMP’s are basically high power microwaves, but the technology is still incipient and extremely expensive, with limited effects over the affected target.

Nuclear EMP is another matter altogether. A nuclear electromagnetic pulse occurs when a nuclear device is detonated high in the atmosphere and it’s basically a burst of electromagnetic radiation which destroys any unprotected (which means most of the) electric/electronic systems in its path by creating voltage surges . Translated into layman’s terms, an EMP blast over a big metropolitan area means that the power-grid will go offline indefinitely, cars will stop working, basically everything will stop working, being rendered useless. No food, no water, no sanitation…this scenario is nothing short of apocalyptic.

Dr. Pry said during the radio interview:

They are positioning themselves as sort of a nuclear missile age, cyberage version of the battleship diplomacy in my view. So that they can always have one of them (satellites) very close to being over the United States or over the United States.

“Then if a crisis comes up and if we decide to attack North Korea, Kim Jong Un can threaten our president and say, ‘Well, don’t do that because we are going to burn your whole country down.’ Which is basically what he said. I mean, he has made threats about turning the United States into ashes and he connected the satellite program to this in public statements to deter us from attacking.”

“If you wanted to win a New Korean war, one of the things you would certainly consider doing is taking out the United States homeland itself. During the Cold War, the Russians had a secret weapon they called a fractional orbital bombardment system.

And the idea was to do a surprise EMP attack against the United States by disguising a warhead as a satellite. Because a satellite trajectory is different from an ICBM trajectory that is aiming to go into a city. You know, for accuracy on an ICBM you launch it on a lower energy, 45-degree angle that follows a classic ballistic trajectory. Like a rifle. To land your missile on a city. I think what they are mainly going for is the unhardened electric grid,Transportation, communications, all of the other civilian critical infrastructure that we depend upon to keep our population alive.”

What’s very worrying is the last part:

“The April 29 missile launch looks suspiciously like practice for an EMP attack. The missile was fired on a lofted trajectory, to maximize, not range, but climbing to high-altitude as quickly as possible, where it was successfully fused and detonated — testing everything but an actual nuclear warhead.”

However, it’s not only North Korea contemplating using EMP weapons against the US. Iranian military writings also describe eliminating the United States with an EMP attack. Rep. Trent Franks in congressional testimony given in December 2014 noted that an official Iranian military document, recently translated by the intelligence community, endorses making a nuclear EMP attack against the United States. The document describes the decisive effects of an EMP attack no fewer than 20 times.


Photo Credit: AP