Kim Jong-un Inspects ‘Home-Made’ Hydrogen Bomb

north korea h-bomb

Just a day after Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin warned the world about an impeding large-scale conflict between North Korea and the United States, Kim Jong-un seems to be doing everything in his power to validate Russia’s president’s words.

As Reuters reports quoting the Korean Central Broadcasting Network, which is the state owned news outlet of the Pyongyang regime, North Korea now claims to have made impressive progress with regard to miniaturizing a home-made variable yield hydrogen bomb. This type of thermonuclear warhead, provided it’s small enough and feasible, can be easily attached to an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) or a medium range missile and it can wreak havoc on its intended target.

North Koreans also claims to have developed an advanced EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon which has great destructive powers. Some speculate that even a relatively small yield EMP-device could completely wipe out a developed country’s vital infrastructure, say the US electrical grid/electrical networks.

In the Korean Central Broadcasting Network broadcast, Kim Jong-un can be seen inspecting the peanut-shaped purported thermonuclear device which is then attached to an ICBM. According to the KCNA claims, every component in the miniaturized hydrogen bomb is home made, which means that North Korea can build as many H-bombs as it wants.


north korea h bomb

Pyongyang also claims that the mini H-bomb boasts a variable yield feature, which means that the power of the bomb can be adjusted and it varies from several kilotons to hundreds of kilotons. Also, the respective bomb can be detonated at high altitudes. Curiously enough, the  Korean Central Broadcasting Network did not mention about Pyongyang’s future plans to perform a (sixth) nuclear test with their new super-weapon.

Things are getting serious, as back in July, North Korea’s military successfully tested a long range missile, which according to experts has the capability of reaching US mainland.