Kim Jong-un Launches Another Dud

north korea

The rogue regime of Kim Jong-un test-fired another ballistic missile and failed, just hours after US President Donald J Trump warned the world about the possibility of a major conflict with North Korea.

This time, the North Korean army tried to test a medium range missile which may be regarded as a potential nuclear-weapon, but the rocket proved to be yet another dud for the failed state ruled authoritatively by the crazy fat kid, as it crashed in the Sea of Japan in a matter of minutes after its launching.

The missile test amplified the tensions between the Pyongyang regime and Donald Trump’s young administration. White House officials threatened with new economic sanctions against North Korea while promising to speed up military maneuvers after the failed missile test.

President Trump went on to Twitter, obviously:




Besides President Trump, China also warned Kim Jong-un to stop his missile testing  program or get ready for harsh economic sanctions.The failed rocket test took place at approximately 9.30 PM GMT with the missile being launched from a location just north of North Korea’s capital, the Pukchang Airfield respectively.

The United States military officials confirmed they had detected the nuclear capable medium-range ballistic missile and had tracked it in real time, whilst informing the POTUS about the rocket which disintegrated over N Korean territory, just above the Sea of Japan, a couple of minutes after it was launched. Prior to the latest North Korean dud, US Sec. of State Rex Tillerson warned the world about the failure of halting Pyongyang’s nuclear missile program which could lead to catastrophic consequences. However, both the Chinese and the Russians cautioned the US against brute military actions against Kim Jong-un’s regime