Kim Launches Another Missile Over Japan

north korea missile test

The rogue communist regime in North Korea keeps taunting the world by launching yet another ballistic missile over Japan, but this time Seoul retaliated instantly with its own test. The rocket flew straight over Japan and it was launched from Pyongyang’s Sunan district.



The latest ICBM launch comes after Kim Jong-un’s regime threatened to nuke Japan following the latest round of economic sanctions. Japan said they will no longer tolerate more provocation from North Korea, while South Korea’s military launched its own Hyunmoo-2 missile into the sea, as a retaliation of sorts. A Japanese official was quoted as saying:

‘Japan can never tolerate this repeated provocative action by North Korea. We have strongly protested to the North, telling them the strong anger by the Japanese people and condemn with the strongest words possible.’

As the world seems to be moving closer to a military conflict in the Korean peninsula, South Korea’s officials say that Pyongyang’s latest  ICBM (presumably a Hwasong-14) traveled for approximately 2300 miles while reaching an altitude of 478 miles, making for the second aggressive missile test over one of US’ closest allies territory in less than 1 month. Following the launch, the United Nations Security Council set an emergency meeting at 4am Saturday Seoul time (3pm ET on Friday) to discuss and assess the situation at the request of Japan and the United States.

Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued a hawkish statement aimed specifically at China and Russia:

North Korea’s Missile Launch


North Korea’s provocative missile launch represents the second time the people of Japan, a treaty ally of the United States, have been directly threatened in recent weeks.


These continued provocations only deepen North Korea’s diplomatic and economic isolation.


United Nations Security Council resolutions, including the most recent unanimous sanctions resolution, represent the floor, not the ceiling, of the actions we should take.


We call on all nations to take new measures against the Kim regime.


China supplies North Korea with most of its oil. Russia is the largest employer of North Korean forced labor.


China and Russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own.

As I predicted in a previous article (The UN Hits North Korea With New Round of Economic Sanctions), the watered down economic sanctions and the diplomatic posturing achieved absolutely nothing.