Kim Pops Off Another Ballistic Missile’ ‘Lands in Japan Waters’

kim jong-un missile test

The defiant North Korean communist dictatorship just launched another ballistic missile on Friday, which was expected to crash in Japan’s territorial waters, leading officials to issue a warning to ships nearby that it might hit them.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Defense, there was a probability that the projectile shot from North Korea on Friday night (local time) may land in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, where are a lot of commercial vessels. According to a Japanese government official speaking for NHK:

‘Before midnight North Korea launched a flying body that is considered a missile, it could potentially land in Japan’s exclusive economic zones, and a sailing warning was issued,’

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe commented on TV about North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test, saying the respective projectile may have landed in Japan’s territorial waters, citing reports from the Japan Coast Guard. It appears that North Korea launch the missile from the Jangang province, which is located in the north of the country. According to Yonhap news, South Korea’s news agency, the missile crashed off South Korea’s east coast.

It looks like the confused China-United States policy with regard to the Pyongyang regime is doing nothing to stop these tests.

According to various analysts, the North Korean military will be able to achieve a nuclear capable warhead as soon as 2018, which means 2 years ahead of schedule.

Photo Reuters Via Reuters