Kissinger Back in the Oval Office Amid Watergate Comparison

trump kissinger

Following his firing of FBI Director James Comey, President Trump sat down on Wednesday with former Sec. of State and ultimate insider in the Nixon and Ford administrations Henry Kissinger. The press had a field day comparing the Nixon Watergate scandal with Trump canning James Comey, though the situations are totally unrelated and incomparable.

However, the unannounced  meeting with Henry Kissinger was a real shocker for the press core. The POTUS held a presser into the Oval Office earlier on Wednesday and he answered brief questions while providing the journalists with a photo op. The highlight of the happening was the presence of the very controversial Henry Kissinger and especially the fact that President Trump called the meeting with the former Sec. of State as being an honor.

However, if you know your history, Trump meeting with Kissinger is not as shocking as one may be inclined to believe. The thing is, Henry Kissinger was one of the architects of the Nixon detente policy with regard to both Russia and China. And President Trump met earlier on Wednesday morning with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The mainstream media found that meeting rather unusual following the canning of FBI director Comey, as the FBI is still investigating that red herring story regarding the alleged Russian interference in the US elections. However, nobody’s taking these guys seriously anymore.

Getting back to our Kissinger issue, the former Sec. of State is well known for his close ties with Vladimir Putin, who actually called Kissinger as one of his main advisers and friends. And now, Mr. Trump met with both Russian officials and Henry Kissinger (an old friend of Trump also) in the same day. The signal is pretty clear: Donald Trump is following his campaign promises one by one, and now it’s time for improving the US-Russia diplomatic relations, which are at Cold War levels, or “a disaster” to quote one of President Trump’s favorite words.

And who can do it better than an old friend of Putin like Henry Kissinger? If you want to broker a deal with Russia, there’s nothing better than the dynamic duo of Henry Kissinger and Rex Tillerson.

Also, the Kim Jong Un situation was definitely on the table, and Kissinger’s ties with China are notorious, whilst China is an essential actor in the Korean Peninsula crisis.