Le Big Mac Wins Paris With 90%


The most cosmopolitan city in the world, the city of lights and France’s capital voted for Hollande 2.0 aka Emmanuel Macron with North Korea style unanimity, i.e. 90% of Parisians (or what’s left of them after France’s former colonies became the mainstream) voted for the Rothschild banker to be their dear leader for the next 6 years.

It’s worth mentioning that under the utopic (as in multicultural) leftist welfare state/pro open borders policies perpetrated by France’s hard-left governments for the past 4-5 decades, in the last three years Paris saw no less than 6 major islamic terrorist attacks which left over 130 people dead and scores injured and mutilated for life.

Speaking of recent events, an ISIS operative killed a French policeman and injured a couple of others last month on the iconic Champs Elysees in Paris.

Nevertheless, Parisians seem to believe that the islamization of France is ok and living with terrorism on a daily basis is the new normal, hence they chose for more of the same on Sunday, as Le Pen was absolutely humiliated by Macron’s landslide victory. Another interesting factoid to contemplate upon is this: 80 percent of the women voted for gerontophile Macron together with 98 percent of France’s (significant) muslim population.

That about sums it up folks, Paris in special and France generally speaking voted overwhelmingly on Sunday for the so-called moderate and quintessential status quo candidate Emmanuel Macron over the nationalist anti EU and anti immigration Marine Le Pen.

Friends of mine who were longtime Paris aficionados told me a few years ago to scratch Paris off my bucket list. “Don’t bother anymore. Sorry, but you missed it. Paris isn’t France anymore.” To put things into perspective, Macron is like the character Inspector Clouseau, a bumbling idiot who doesn’t understand what is going on around him. C’est la vie the globalist multicultural worshiping dense French (Parisians) say as they are mowed over by trucks, shot in the head, and eviscerated before their children!