Le Pen: France Will Be Led By a Woman, Me or Mrs. Merkel

le pen

During Wednesday’s debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the latter owned the former and basically called him out loud and clear, using truth bombs and spot-on rhetoric whilst keeping political correctness on the down low. Arguably, the best line of the night was this gem via Front National’s Le Pen:

“Let me tell you what happened – France will be led by a woman, it’ll be either me, or Mrs. Merkel. That’s the truth”

Here’s the transcript of the exchange (I really hate it my French is so rusty that I need subtitles):

Le Pen:

 “. . . The reality, you went to see Mrs. Merkel, you went to ask for her blessing because you planned to do nothing without her agreement. It’s so true – what are you gonna do opposite Mrs. Merkel? You said I won’t be opposite her, I will be with her . . .”


“Of course, I want France to measure up to Germany . . .”

Le Pen:

“Let me tell you what happened – France will be led by a woman, it’ll be either me, or Mrs. Merkel. That’s the truth”.

For now, Macron is the front runner, at least in the polls and he’s best described as the establishment’s candidate. The next round in France’s presidential election is set to take place on Sunday.

Macron is a former investment banker who married his high-school teacher, a women 25 years older than he. Their relationship began when he was 15. Macron is now 39 years old while his beloved wife (Brigitte Trogneux) just turned 64.

To make a long story short, regardless of the mainstream media propaganda and demonization, Marine Le Pen  is still French, and French are still Europeans, and Europeans, as a whole, do not believe in individual liberty. Especially French people, judging from their laws and policies are definitely not what can be described as liberty lovers. To put things into perspective about France:

Germany:  82 million people. per capita GDP $41,267
France: 67 million. per capita GDP $41,181

LePen’s point is that France – a once-proud and glorious nation – should control its own cultural and national destiny – something globalist will never understand.

Despite all her imperfections and downsides (as in economic leftism), Marine Le Pen has guts, and guts is enough.