Le Pen Proclaims Victory in the First Round

Leader of the Front National proclaimed victory in the first round of French Presidential election

Some time after the first official results were published, Front National’s Marine Le Pen, addressed her supporters her constituency of Hénin-Beaumont. Le Pen proclaimed her victory in the first round and called for ‘real change’.

You have brought me to the second round of the presidential election. I’d like to express my most profound gratitude. The first step that should lead the French people to the l’Elysée has been taken. This is a historic result.

It is also an act of French pride, the act of a people lifting their heads. It will have escaped no one that the system tried by every means possible to stifle the great political debate that must now take place. The French people now have a very simple choice: either we continue on the path to complete deregulation, or you choose France.

You now have the chance to choose real change. This is what I propose: real change/ It is time to liberate the French nation from arrogant elites who want to dictate how it must behave. Because yes, I am the candidate of the people.

According to French Interior Ministry, Le Pen has won the most votes in the first round – 24,38. However, a lot of votes from major cities are still to be counted.

Germany’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has welcomed the projections that Macron is through to the second round.

“It’s about France, of course, but it’s also about Europe,” he said.

Some of FN officials have stated that the run-off between Macron and Le Pen is going to be a referendum for or against globalism.

Source: BBC

Photo: EPA