Le Pen ‘Shocked’ By Trump’s Decision to Hit Syria, Macron Urges Military Intervention

The US air strike in Syria sharply divided two French presidential front runners

French presidential front runner, Marine Le Pen said today she was ‘surprised’ by Trump’s sudden move, after the US President ordered a missile strike against a government-controlled air base in Libya.

Le Pen, who spoke positively of Trump, and hailed his victory in US Presidential election, said Trump is trying to be the world’s policeman. Le Pen said that Trump indicated he would not make the U.S. “the world’s policeman, and that’s exactly what he did yesterday.

She had condemned earlier U.S. military interventions, such as the one Libya, and claimed they aided the rise of Islamic fundamentalism across the Middle East.

Emmanuel Macron, the independent centrist candidate, and widely regarded as Le Pen’s opponent in the French Presidential election run-off, had given a diametrically opposite stance regarding the conflict in Syria.

Referring to Syria, Macron said:

“An international intervention is needed … My preference is that there should be an intervention under the auspices of the United Nations. A military intervention.”

Macron (39), the former economy minister and a former investment banker, is seen as the leading candidate to succeed Francois Hollande as the new French President.

Source: Reuters