Le Pen to run for seat in Parliament in next month’s legislative election

Front National leader aims to establish her party as the leading opposition force in France

Le Pen

Le Pen said that she will run in the next month’s legislative election that will determine the composition of the Assembly and France’s political landscape in the next five years. Front National leader said on French TV channel TF1 that she will run in the town of Henin-Baumont in Northern France.

Her two previous elections bids in 2007 and 2012 legislative elections were unsuccessful.

“I couldn’t imagine not heading my troops in a battle I consider fundamental,” Le Pen said.

In the presidential election run-off on May 7, Le Pen was defeated by centrist Emmanuel Macron, but won nearly 11 million votes. However, the election defeat sparked a debate among party ranks on its Euro stance.

Le Pen campaigned for France to leave the Eurozone, but her tough stance on the Euro had likely alienated voters.

“The subject of the euro worries French people considerably, in an almost irrational way,” said Le Pen. “We are going to have to take this into account, discuss and reflect.”

A possible shift in the party’s current anti-Euro rhetoric could cause friction with FN’s traditional support base.

In the days following her election defeat, Le Pen indicated that FN will undergo major changes, with some speculating that the party could change its name. Le Pen has also said that the party is to become France’s main opposition force.

The 2017 presidential election resulted in significant changes in France’s political landscape, with two traditional parties, the Socialists and the Republicans being sidelined by Macron’s new centrist movement – En Marche, and Le Pen’s Front National.

Source: The Local