Le Pen Vows to Withdraw France From NATO

Marine Le Pen officially started her presidential campaign and released her campaign manifesto

As the 2017 Presidential election draws closer, the political atmosphere in France is heating up. Marine Le Pen, widely regarded as one of the strongest candidates in the upcoming election, jump-started her presidential bid by introducing a 144-point manifesto, outlining her party’s electoral program.

Among other points, Le Pen promised to hold a referendum of France’s EU membership, curb immigration, leave the Euro and withdraw France from NATO Integrated Military Command.

Le Pen officially started her campaign in Lyon, where she presented the manifesto to her supporters.

The aim of this program is first of all to give France its freedom back and give the people a voice.

The 48-year old Le Pen said, and promised to hold a Brexit-style referendum on France’s EU membership.

She had previously promised to ‘renegotiate’ France’s membership in the Union. One of her main points, is that Brussels has eroded the sovereignty of France. While Le Pen has promised to restore the French sovereignty by abandoning the Euro, reducing immigration and re-introducing border controls, her economic program is far less coherent.

Despite the fact that the mainstream media, the rest of France’s and European political establishment have all dubbed Front National as Far Right – or Extreme Right – party, Le Pen’s economic program holds distinctively leftist economic ideas.

Le Pen has been a proponent of economic protectionism and state interventionism, re-introduction of tariffs and increased welfare payments.

At the same time, Le Pen’s manifesto promises to cut taxes – such as income tax, but also to introduce taxes on foreign workers and lower the retirement age.

One of the central points of Le Pen’s manifesto is her anti-immigration program. According to the manifesto, France would be able to deport foreigners convicted of a crime; at the same time, people tracked by intelligence services for inclination toward radical Islam would be ordered to leave the country.

The manifesto also targets the mosques suspected of promoting jihadist ideas.

Illegal migrants would no longer have a chance to legalize their stay and would lose the right to free healthcare. Furthermore, according to the manifesto, free education, currently available to all residents of France, may only be accessible to French citizens in the future.

In line with her previous statements, Le Pen promised to cut France’s migrant quotas, possibly to 10,000 people per year.

This presidential election puts two opposite proposals. The ‘globalist’ choice backed by all my opponents … and the ‘patriotic’ choice which I personify.

According to the current opinion polls, Le Pen is expected to enter the second round of election, but fail to win the presidency.

Nevertheless, Le Pen has every reason to remain hopeful of her chances to win the election. The polls have failed to predict Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election, which is a significant boost for Le Pen, as well as other anti-globalist forces across Europe.

Source/Image: Russia Today