Leaked Intel Shows Democrats Planned to Blame Russia for Hacking

According to“Cyber Berkut” a pro-Russian hacker site, Hillary Clinton received a ton of money for her 2016 presidential campaign from the Ukrainian government. Basically, the Ukrainian government sponsored the Clinton foundation with up to 25 million dollars using IMF loans!But that’s not all, this is just a taste.


cyber berkut hillary clinton

Let’s see a step further, here things become really interesting:

We’ve hacked Thomas Weihe’s email. This man is the Head of the Board of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. As you can see from his correspondence the oligarch’s foundation is closely cooperating with the Clinton Foundation. And it is worth to mention that Pinchuk and his wife often meet with former American president’s family members. Mr. Weihe regularly communicates with the Clinton Foundation representatives and constantly arranges meetings between the Pinchuks and the Clintons. Here are some Mr Weihe’s emails.

And now we have the proof that Democrats were planning way in advance to concoct false evidence of the Russian government’s involvement in cyber attacks during the 2016 election cycle in the US. Here’s the screenshot of a hacked (DEM) email which says:

“We all agree there is a need to provide technical details on Russian hacking. (Redacted) urges you and (redacted) to bring up again the issue with (redacted). It’s quite important, especially as we approach the hearings.

If there are no technical details we have to find some by all means. I am sure his guys can do it.”

democrat email blaming russia

The hackers explained that:

We cover the names of the provocation facilitators in order not to expose our sources. It is worth saying, a famous American politician and major financier took part in the plot.

Maybe, just maybe, if Christopher Wray is confirmed as FBI Director, the Trump DoJ will have to act to investigate the true Russian conspiracy crimes, since good ol’ boy Jeff Sessions recused himself from anything having to do with “Russian investigations” and Obama holdovers, Rosenstein and McCabe, aren’t about to disappoint their Democrat handlers while the Fake News Media will continue their Trump bashing. Maximum prison time is well deserved for every one of the co-criminals involved in this worst debacle in U.S. political history.

For further reference, go visit cyber-berkut’s website, there are loads of documents and screenshots.