Leftie Swedish Journalist Attacked and Robbed in Stockholm No-Go Zone

A journalist working for Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden’s quintessential left wing newspapers, was attacked and robbed by rioters in Stockholm’s Rinkeby suburb, which is heavily populated with immigrants, mostly from Somalia.

The photographer was the victim of an unprovoked attack during the riots which broke out on Monday, in the aftermath of President Trump’s comments about Sweden’s problem with mass migration which contributed to a steep raise in violence.

The riots resulted in police and civilians attacked by the mob, shops looted and cars set ablaze, in what was described by the journalist at the scene as resembling a war zone.

The journalist reported that he was attacked after 10 PM local time and he was beaten by a mob of at least 15 rioters, robbed of his camera and spent the night in the hospital.

“I was shocked for hours afterwards. The police eventually came and I made a complaint about the assault and aggravated theft. They said that the chances of the perpetrators or the camera is found is small. Non-existent,”


These shocking scenes took place 2 days after President Trump’s speech during his Florida rally over the weekend, when he said (and  was mocked by the mainstream media and the progressives) that

 “ [Sweden is] having problems like they never thought possible” as a consequence of mass migration.

Sweden’s politicians manifested their hypocritical surprise and/or indignation with regard to Trump’s comments, while the state owned radio broadcaster Sweden Radio claimed ridiculously that there are no such things as no-go zones in Sweden.

This is not the first time journalists (among others, including the police) have been attacked in this suburb. Last year, an Australian TV crew was attacked in broad daylight in Rinkeby by masked men and their van rammed by a car.