Leftist Protesters Tried to Smear Trump’s Inauguration

VIDEO: Businesses, Cars, Kiosks Vandalized


As Michelle Obama said, when they go low we go high, or something along these lines. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard the mainstream media nor Hillary Clinton (or President Obama for that matter) trying to calm down their supporters who announced that they’re planning to disrupt Trump’s inauguration days before it happened.

And they did do some disruption today, as 217 people were arrested during Trump’s official inauguration, businesses cars and kiosks were vandalized by the Never Trump crowd and Hillarity ensued when a viral video depicting a snowflake bursting out in tears and screaming (more like autistic screeching) at the announcement of Donald Trump becoming 45th US president surfaced over the internet, check it out, it’s massive fun:



Trump protesters in DC vandalized local businesses, attacked journalists, spray painted walls and windows, destroyed a limousine with hammers and set it on fire, smashed kiosks and so on and so forth whilst screaming idiotic slogans like “no cops, no borders, fight law and order”.

It’s not very clear what these people were protesting, but they had a good time indeed.



Among the violent protesters on Friday I must notice the Anti Capitalist Anti Fascist Bloc, the Marxist geniuses behind DisruptJ20 Inauguration event. These hoodlums (protesting is not equal to rioting and destroying property) gathered at Logan Circle in Washington DC and marched on 13th street.

Local store owners called for the police to arrive as their windows were spray painted and/or smashed by the violent bands of thugs. I guess that self defense in Washington DC is forbidden by the law of the land.

Among the street art-work  produced by DisruptJ20 we must notice witty messages like “Fuck Trump” and “Revolution or Death”. It’s not clear if these disturbed individuals are referring about a communist revolution, considering the “Destroy Capitalism” slogan, but I am digressing.

It was also chanted “America was never great” and “Black Lives Matter”, but police arrived at the scene eventually and disrupted the frat party spraying tear gas into the crowd of peace loving demonstrators. The peaceful protesters seemed to be well organized, as they were dressed in black and many wore masks/hoods to hide their identity.

Six police officers were injured during the Inauguration protests.



Source CNS News