Leftists Should Prepare for the Conservative Future of America


Even if it may sound far-fetched to some of my readers, I do believe America is on the path to its former roots, i.e. conservatism, as opposed to “liberalism”. To begin with, what is a conservative?

Well, in case you’ve skipped political philosophy classes, a conservative believes in limited government and individual rights/responsibility above all things. Basically, a conservative is a Constitutionalist, a person who believes in free markets and as little government intervention as possible, personal liberty, gun rights as in the right to carry guns for self defense, borders, language,culture and free speech. Obviously, a conservative emphasizes one’s personal freedom and responsibility to solve one’s problems, as opposed to modern “liberals” (a faux term which today describes a socialist/left winger) who generally think that it’s the government job to resolve their problems.

Now, getting back to our story, the SCOTUS is about to change radically. President Trump has already put a Constitutionalist/conservative judge in the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch respectively, who is also very young, i.e. he’ll be there for at least 20 years if they don’t pull a Scalia on him. Also, due to their advanced age, it’s very probable for 3 more Supreme Court Justices to retire (or even die) during Trump’s presidency, much to the dismay of the Democrats. 2 out of the 3 are leaning heavily to the left and Trump is not going to choose Barack Obama for the job , that’s a no-brainer. If The Donald stays in the White House for 8 years, even if DEMs take back Congress, the SCOTUS will be dominated by conservative judges for the next 25-30 years and that’s hugely important.

Now, a huge number of Americans want for the (illegal) immigration to decline, and that’s why Trump was put into office among other things. The number of foreign born Americans is at historic highs, and that explains the Left’s success in the elections so far. Immigrants tend to favor left wing policies, i.e. open borders, amnesty, welfare and all that so they always vote DEM (that’s why DEMs are fighting tooth and nail against voter ID laws). And Trump into office enforcing the borders and curbing illegal immigration works in tandem with an incredibly conservative next generation.

Nicknamed Generation Z, which makes for kids born after the year 2000, this is the most conservative generation of Americans since WW2. And obviously, more conservative politicians will be put into office in the future, i.e. the phenomenon will not be reduced to Trump.

Finally, leftist Academia is totally compromised, as people are getting sick and tired of the pathological levels of political correctness and social justice dogma which abounds in our schools and colleges, which were transformed in left-wing indoctrination/radicalization centers. This situation is going to change soon, as we have a generation of students drowning in debt (student loans); the thing is, they paid tens of thousands of dollars to get liberal art degrees and they were indoctrinated by left wing professors with ideas that will never help them to get a job in the real world. Who needs gender studies, humanities, arts etc? The number of kids getting home-schooled is also increasing, which will end up with a whole generation that will not be brainwashed by government-sponsored education (read a new gen of conservatives).

It’s also worth mentioning that liberal states have lower birth rates than conservatives, and the left will pay the price for denigrating traditional family/gender roles in the last decades. The left will confront soon with a serious demographic problem, especially if the illegal immigration (they basically import voters) will be stopped into its tracks. Also, the mainstream media, which is as left wing as it gets is dying a slow horrible death.

In our view, there’s no doubt that America will become a very conservative country in the near future and if you’re a left-winger, you should brace yourself for a brave new world.