Liberal Hypocrisy: Hollywood Actress Wears $380 ‘Poverty Is Sexist’ Shirt at Golden Globes

Does that mean we need to have more women living in poverty?

Hollywood Actress Wears $380 ‘Poverty Is Sexist’ Shirt at Golden Globes

If you were wondering about Hollywood elites’ thinking on poverty and related issues, let me quote from a classic via Paris Hilton: “Stop Being Poor”. This is no joke either, as we recently learned that  Connie Britton, a singer, actress and Hollywood producer wore a $380 T-shirt which reads “poverty is sexist” at the Golden Globes, while her colleagues cheered her for her bravery.


Sexist? Doesn’t that mean she’s assuming their gender? Really, you can’t make this stuff up.The deceased Hollywood legends must be doing back flips in their graves, after seeing this abomination. By the way, the homeless in the US are comprised of approximately 51% single men, 24% are single women and the rest are families, after a quick search. Talk about out of touch!

Homeless and poverty are related, but different. Poor women get section 8 housing. Poor men get handed a blanket. If a mother cannot afford her children she gets welfare, WIC, food stamps, energy assistance, a home aid to help in their home and the list goes on and on. If a father cannot afford his children he loses them or goes to jail for non payment of child support.

There are approximately 5000 female only safe havens in this country (male children over 13 typically not allowed) and to the best of my knowledge only 2 for men. Men are irrelevant in our society.