Londonistan Calling: 500 Closed Churches, 423 New Mosques

According to the latest figures from the Gatestone Institute report on Sunday, the trend in UK (which is mirrored everywhere else in Europe by the way) makes for a shocking rate of closures with regard to Christian churches while the number of mosques is booming.

Judging from the Gatestone Institute figures, UK’s capital and main city (London for millennials) is more Islamic than a number of muslim majority countries put together. And that claim comes from a muslim, not from a Britain First member, Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi respectively, an islamic imam (preacher) that now leads what it has been coined as Londonistan by Melanie Phillips, a British journalist.

Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Laureate for Literature was not mincing words with regard to the islamization of London and the West by that matter, calling the British capital a cesspit for islamists.

London’s muslim mayor Sadiq Khan claimed that terrorists abhor London’s multiculturalism in the aftermath of the recent islamic terrorist attack at Westminster.

However, according to the analysis from the Gatestone Institute, the opposite is true: the open and multicultural British society is feeding and encouraging islamic fundamentalism.

Boasting its 423 mosques and 500 closed churches,  the new Londonistan seems to be built on the ruins of the Anglican church.

A number of Christian churches, like St Peter’s Church or Hyatt United Church were bought by the muslim community and converted into mosques. Not only old Christian churches are converted, but so are many Londoners. The number of Islamic converts has doubled, and many of them are embracing radical islam preached by (Saudi run and financed) wahhabi/sunni/Deobandi imams, like it was the case with Khalid Masood, a British born terrorist (radicalized in prison).

While mosques are usually suffering from overcrowding, the Christian Churches (and faith) are all but abandoned by the British, and considering the current trends, Christianity is slowly becoming extinct while Islam is set to rise as the dominant religion in the UK in the near future.