Looks Like Mexico Will Pay for the Wall After All

And this is not a joke either, as according to a recent study, President Trump’s border wall with Mexico would actually pay for itself via cutting welfare use by illegal immigrants. This is a pretty interesting concept, because those proposing building a solid wall along the United States-Mexico border estimate that it would significantly reduce the number of illegal “trespassers”, or at least that’s how well built walls tend to work, just ask Israel.

The thing about illegal aliens coming from Central/South America, Mexico et al is that most of them end up on welfare rolls, not to mention the vast majority vote (legally or illegally) with the left, i.e. the Democrats. According to estimates, Trump’s border wall would cost up to 25 billion dollars, and here’s a quote via the research director at the Center for Immigration Studies Steven Camarota in an interview for the New York Post:

“The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling,”

Provided the wall gets built as per the POTUS’ specifications, in a very pessimistic scenario, if the wall stops just 12 percent of the estimated 1.7 million illegal crossing which are projected to take place in the next decade or so, that would mean the wall would pay for itself, via fiscal savings from welfare, tax credits, public education and various other benefits available to illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico, who generally speaking, are playing in the low-income category. Provided the wall stops more than 12 percent of the expected crossings in the next 10 years, it would save a whopping 64 billion in social spending/welfare alone. Even if illegal aliens are not allowed to use federal welfare, most of them benefit from welfare through their kids.

A big part of welfare spending on illegal aliens comes from their use of Medicaid, and many of them receive refundable tax credits for their US born kids. To make a long story short, illegals cost this country between $150-300 billion per year depending on what studies one uses. Trump’s border wall will cost 25 billion tops. The wall pays for itself in savings in services we would not have to provide to illegals.