Machete Attack in Germany Hours After Dusseldorf Axe Attack

Just hours after a “Yugoslavian” asylum seeker from Kosovo named Fatmir H. attacked and maimed 7 people  with an axe in a Dusseldorf railway station, an 80 year old man was attacked  with a machete in the same city.

The machete attack took place on Kalkumer Schlossallee street, in a car park, at approximately 11.20 AM local time but unfortunately the perpetrator managed to escape. The respective street is in the close vicinity of the Dusseldorf international airport and according to German police, the 80 year old man suffered non life threatening wounds as we was rushed to a local hospital.

The attacker is on the run with the nearby schools in lock-down as German police launched a massive operation for apprehending the suspect.

Die Welt reports that schools and civilians alike were advised by police to keep their children inside while the manhunt is on.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The 80 year old victim was found lying in the street, still conscious and able to move. German police has absolutely no clue about the details of the attack nor about the identity of the perpetrator, with the situation being completely unclear as per German media reports.

However, despite the fact that they have absolutely no clue about what’s going on, German authorities claim that the machete attack has no connection whatsoever with the axe attack from yesterday.

The 36 year old man Kosovar named Fatmir H. who attacked 7 people (including a 13 year old girl) with an ax in a Dusseldorf train station is claimed to have mental problems and he’s currently in a hospital as he was injured trying to escape the police.

For further reference about “mentally ill” asylum seekers/refugees with Muslim background, check out knife intifada.

Source: Die Welt