Macron Booed While Visiting His Home Town (VIDEO)

The crowd greeted Macron with boos and shouts of ‘President Marine’

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the two remaining contenders to enter the Elysee Palace and succeed Francois Hollande as the new President of France, both made their visits to the town of Amiens in the north of France.

In an effort to appeal to blue collar workers, Macron met with union leaders in Whirlpool factory – which is threatened with being outsourced to Poland.

As Macron was meeting with union leaders, Le Pen showed up outside the factory to pose for pictures with workers wearing bright yellow hazard vests, declaring herself the true candidate of France’s workers.

Le Pen posing for pictures with workers outside of Whirlpool factory in Amiens

“Everyone knows what side Emmanuel Macron is on – he is on the side of the corporations,” Le Pen told workers. “I am on the workers’ side, here in the car park, not in restaurants in Amiens.”

When Macron, who was born in Amiens, later made his own visit to the factory, he was meet with boos and shouts of ‘President Marine’.

Afterwards, Macron wrote on Twitter that (Le Pen) spent: “10 minutes with her supporters in a car park in front of the cameras”, whereas he had spent “an hour and a half with union representatives and no media”.

Le Pen, who represents herself as the candidate of the people, claims that Macron, a former banker, is the candidate of “oligarchy” and big business.

Macron won most votes in the first round – 24,01 percent – and will face Le Pen in the run-off on May 7. All polls give Macron a huge lead over Le Pen.

Source: France24

Photo: STR, AFP